Internal workshop

On Friday, April 29, 2022, members of the research team of the IoT4us project held an internal workshop.

After a regular review and analysis of the work and financial plan, doctoral students Ivan Čilić, Dora Kreković, Katarina Mandarić, Federico Matteo Benčić and Alen Hrga and professor Marin Vuković and Denis Salopek held presentations on their work so far within the project.

The presentations were accompanied by a constructive discussion on the developed and planned solutions, as well as new ideas.
Papers and results whose publication is expected in the coming period and the organization of a public workshop were discussed.

List of all presentations:

  • Ivan Čilić - Flexible data routing on the way from the edge of the network to the cloud
  • Dora Kreković - Review of existing solutions for reducing the amount of data in the IoT
  • Katarina Mandarić - Negotiating program agents in the smart space of the Internet of Things
  • Federico Matteo Benčić - Adapting Distributed General Ledger Networks for Resources with Limited Resources
  • Alen Hrga - Decentralized IoT platform for flexibility providers in the electricity system
  • Marin Vuković - Providing IoT device administration interfaces
  • Denis Salopek - Fast and energy efficient packet filtering

Photos from the workshop are available below (under "More...").

Author: Katarina Mandarić
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